Chicken Satay * (3)
Chicken marinated in Thai herbs, grilled, served with peanut sauce
Crispy Tofu
Fresh tofu deep-fried until golden, served with peanut curry sauce
Shrimp Tempura (5)
Fresh battered shrimp, deep-fried until golden brown, served with cucumber sauce
Vegetables Tempura
Assorted vegetables in batter, deep-fried until crispy, served with peanut garlic sauce
Thai Roll *(3)
Crispy spring rolls with a touch of curry spice, onions, taro, ground chicken & pork, served with spicy white turnip sauce

Note to our customers

We do not add MSG in our food!

Please note that a star indicates a level of spice, our spicy scale ranges from one to five stars. Any dish can be made spicy, however dishes with one or two stars cannot be made less spicy…if you have any type of allergy; please let us know ahead of time…

Thank you!!
- Saigon Bangkok Management-