Tom Yum (GF)**
Mixed vegetables, fresh tofu, tamarind paste, lemongrass, galangal, chili, lime leaves, paprika, garnished with scallion and basil.
Tom Khar (GF)*
Coconut milk, mixed vegetables, fresh tofu, chili, lime, galangal, lemon grass, garnished with scallion and basil.
Vietnamese Hot & Sour (GF)*
Mixed vegetables, celery, tomato, fresh tofu, pine apple, chili, lemon grass, tamarind, garnished with scallion and basil.
Vegetable Soup (GF)
Mixed vegetable and fresh tofu in a clear vegetarian soup, garnished with scallion.


To Our Vegan Customers

We strive to meet strict vegan standards and do not use either animal products or by products, Such as dairy products, eggs, shellfish, any kinds of animals and seafood extracts.

GF: Gluten Free (We have Gluten Free soy sauce upon request).
Please notify our servers if you have any type of allergies.
Our Vegan broth are made daily with variety of fresh vegetables.